Sex-Trafficking of a Minor Arrest, Task Force Seeks Additional Victims

Sex-Trafficking of a Minor Arrest, Task Force Seeks Additional Victims
Photo: Steven Rawley 

CORONA – Located 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles in western Riverside County, the Corona Station was linked to a referral by the Hemet Station to Riverside County’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RCAHT). A collaboration was launched on 12/23/2020 regarding the possible sex-trafficking of a minor.

Sex acts with a minor who was sexually exploited for money was the focus of RCAHT Investigators. Evidence was located via social media and the internet.

During the course of the investigation, RCAHT discovered that “one of the men having sexual contact with the minor was identified as Steven Rawley, 35, of Corona,” said Sergeant Robert Menchaca.

Investigators highlighted a discovery found on YouTube on 02/19/2019, posted by a citizen watch group known as APP – the Arizona Predator Prevention. The video showcased an incident in Mohave County, AZ from December 2018, which featured a set-up via APP’s undercover online account.

“The undercover account posed as a fake 15-year-old girl. Rawley propositioned the undercover account for sexual acts, and even after being informed several times that “she” was 15, Rawley set up a meeting for sex,” said Sgt. Menchaca. “The video shows the citizens confronting Rawley about the online conversations in a parking lot.”

As a result, RCAHT paid a visit to Ridgeline Drive in Corona at 10:45 AM on 02/02/2021. With search warrant in-hand, Rawley’s vehicle and apartment were scoured – resulting in the seizure of numerous electronic devices, and Rawley’s arrest with charges for multiple felonies:

Contacting a minor with intent to commit kidnapping or sex offenses,
Arranging a meeting with a minor to commit a sex offense,
Unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor over 3 years younger than the perpetrator.

But it doesn’t end, there. Due to the looming fact that RCAHT has reason to believe that there are more victims in not only Riverside County, but also in Mohave County, AZ – you are urged to call with any information that you might have regarding Investigation # R203250003. Please call Deputy Mario Chavez/RCAHT at (951) 422-1141 or (951) 955-1700.

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