Man Arrested for Murder After Reckless Driving Kills His Cousin

Man Arrested for Murder After Reckless Driving Kills His Cousin
Photo: Mynor Augusto Esquivelvalle

A 22-year-old man was arrested for murder after his reckless driving during a late night street takeover in Costa Mesa resulted in the death of one of his passengers and the injury of another.

Anaheim Police Department called Costa Mesa Police Department shortly before 2:30 AM on October 22, 2020, to let them know that “about 80-100 vehicles were coming from their city and possibly heading to Costa Mesa,” according to the release.

Costa Mesa police were simultaneously receiving reports that the intersection of Hyland Avenue and Sunflower Avenue “had been taken over by approximately 50-100 vehicles and spectators were present,” and that a pickup truck had rolled over in the intersection.  Following the accident, “several bystanders rolled the truck to the side where a passenger was found unconscious.”

Officers arrived and attempted to resuscitate the passenger through CPR, Sadly, the victim, identified as 23-year-old Sergio Marroquin, Jr., did not survive.

Another passenger in the same vehicle was injured and transported to a local hospital for treatment.  This passenger’s injuries, however, were not life-threatening.

Officers discovered that the driver and cousin to the deceased victim, 22-year-old Mynor Augusto Esquivelvalle of Los Angeles, had been doing donuts in the intersection before his pickup had rolled over.  He was arrested for murder.  Additionally, “there were three spectators, a female and two males, that were arrested at the scene for aiding and abetting in connection to this incident,” according to the release.

Any witnesses to this incident are requested to call Traffic Safety Investigations at (714) 754-5264.

The Costa Mesa Police Department would like to inform the public that “street racing and street takeovers is an issue that law enforcement throughout the county is addressing. To report street racing and street takeovers in the city, call the CMPD non-emergency number at (714)754-5252. In case of an emergency, call 911.”

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