Officers Met With Heavy Fire During Car Chase

Officers Met With Heavy Fire During Car Chase
Photo: Jonathan Kyler Nunn

A Hemet Police Officer was patrolling the area of Domenigoni Parkway near Sanderson Avenue the evening of October 2, 2020. About a week prior, a shooting occurred in which the suspect, Jonathan Kyler Nunn, fled in a red Toyota Solara. This evening, the patrolling officer spotted a red Toyota Solara and recognized the driver as Nunn.

Seeing the officer pull up behind him, Nunn took off, initiating a pursuit. Nunn took the chase to a whole other level of danger when he began shooting at the officer as they headed toward Winchester Road. The officer avoided being struck while his patrol car took bullets.

As the pursuit reached an unincorporated area of Winchester, Nunn aimed the gun at a California Highway Patrol officer parked alongside the roadway and fired. The patrol car was hit at least once, but the officer was not injured. Neither the Hemet police officer nor the CHP officer returned fire.

As the chase continued, they were joined by nearby officers and deputies from different agencies. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department deployed an airship to assist in the capture of Nunn.

Nunn fired at officers until he reached Highway 74 and Juniper Flatts Road. There, he stopped, tossed out the gun, and surrendered. With him was a distraught female passenger who was also detained. Her involvement remains under investigation.

25-year old Nunn was arrested and booked for attempted murder of peace officers. He remains at Riverside County Jail with no bail set at the time of this writing. Charges regarding the September 23rd shooting Nunn is alleged to have been a part of have not yet been filed as the investigation in that case is ongoing.

Photo from the Hemet Police Department

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