Four Special Enforcements and a Prostitution Sting Nets 49

Four Special Enforcements and a Prostitution Sting Nets 49
Photo: pic from the sting

CLAREMONT – Stepped-up enforcement action on the 800 block of Indian Hill Blvd. became necessary after two shootings at the Motel 6 (840 S. Indian Hill Blvd.) A perceived increase in gang activity and human trafficking required additional surveillance, as well.

Council Member and Former Police Commissioner Ed Reece notified social media this week of four directed enforcement details during this past month, totalling approximately 15 hours – which secured 40 arrests featuring possession of drugs for sales and possession of loaded firearms.

“A prostitution sting was also conducted in the area resulting in an additional nine arrests for solicitation,” said Council Member Reece. Examples of the criminal severity and the success of the operations are as follows (and due to ongoing investigations, names remain anonymous):

When witnessing a possible hand-to-hand drug deal in the Motel 6 parking lot on 08/27/2020 at approximately 8pm, Officers stoppped the vehicle leaving the motel. A parole-search located a loaded firearm and methamphetamine. The arrested Claremont resident (22) was a documented gang member from Pomona – on parole for robbery.

Earlier that night, the Officers’ vehicle traffic stop on Indian Hill and Auto Center Drive revealed the passenger from Pomona (32) in possession of heroin balloons. The vehicle search brought in nearly a quarter-ounce of Meth.

An 11:40pm traffic stop on 09/03/2020 stopeed a vehicle leaving Motel 6 to discover that the Pomona resident (29) found to be on probation housed a loaded firearm in the glove box’s hidden compartment.

During the extensive vehicle search, other reveals: “the gun was a reported stolen firearm through Riverside” said Council Member Reece. “Over 2 ounces of methamphetamine was also located. #claremontpd”

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