Officer and Deputy make drug arrest

Officer and Deputy make drug arrest
Photo: Farrah Andrews
Just before noon on August 31, as a deputy followed behind a CHP officer, they spotted a vehicle ahead that was crossing over lanes as it went westbound.
The wayward vehicle ended up in the eastbound lane and proceeded on.

meth in a tin

Both law enforcement personnel then “executed a vehicle stop.”
The driver, 43-year-old Farrah Andrews, had drug paraphernalia in the car.
After taking Andrews into custody, they searched the vehicle and discovered “a large amount of meth in a tin container,” 171.16 grams of it to be exact.
Andrews was booked for transporting meth for sales.
According to Undersheriff Karl G. Houtman “The dangerous driving of Ms. Farrah Andrews could have resulted in a head-on collision. The quick and decisive action taken by these alert officers may very well have saved a life that day. In addition, they removed a large amount of illegal drugs from the street, possibly saving more lives”.
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