Can you tell which assault rifle is fake?

Can you tell which assault rifle is fake?
Photo: one of these is real, the other fake (answer below)

The Santa Rosa Police Department recently came upon a man with a replica airsoft assault rifle —

“Can you tell which one is fake? I know, we couldn’t either initially.

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, around 10:59 am, a person called SRPD and reported seeing a male subject holding an assault rifle on Fulton Road, near Darla Drive. Officers responded to the area, set up a perimeter, and located the male subject on the east sidewalk of Fulton Road.

The subject dropped the rifle after seeing officers and compliantly followed officer’s commands. He was ultimately detained, and a replica airsoft assault rifle was located near him.

Officers were surprised at how the air soft weapon closely resembled a replica assault rifle. It did not have any identifying “toy features,” and was even equipped with real firearm accessories.

The subject told officers he located the replica rifle in nearby bushes. It was determined that the subject did not commit any crimes. He was released without incident, and the replica rifle was confiscated.

The Santa Rosa Police Department strongly encourages anyone who possesses or finds replica firearms to outfit them with clearly identifying “toy features” and to NOT openly possess them in public. The safety of the public is our highest priority. Although this situation resulted in a positive outcome, possession of these types of replica firearms can result in dangerous situations.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the bottom one is the fake rifle.”



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