Warrant’s Back-Door Escape Garners Ghost-Gun Tool and Stolen Property \

Warrant’s Back-Door Escape Garners Ghost-Gun Tool and Stolen Property \
Photo: David Tippett

BARSTOW – Detectives arrived on the 28000 block of Bonanza Road on 07/29/2020 at approximately 3:30 PM with search warrant in hand. As they knocked on David Tippett’s (38)
front door, the recipient attempted to leave out back.

“Tippett was stopped by detectives and was later found to have an outstanding felony warrant for H&S 11378 – Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale,” said Barstow PD. “During the search of the
residence, detectives located multiple rare coins that had been stolen during a home invasion robbery that occurred on the 1100 block of Borrego Drive on July 13, 2020.”

Further investigation into the home invasion robbery revealed that the coins were indeed stolen – the
victims ID’d the coins as their property.

Search/seizure results included drug paraphernalia and weaponry, reported Barstow PD – “a firearm with a large capacity magazine, a firearm with a destroyed serial number and a jig for converting 80% lower receivers into functioning firearms, also known as “ghost guns”.

A “ghost gun” is an unregistered weapon – assembled from a kit, lacking a gun store’s traceable number.

The law requires licensed manufacturers to mark firearms with certain markings, including a serial
number. When not marked, no federal law background check would be completed upon its purchase.

The deadly weapon can be made at home with untraceable, unfinished parts by someone using
commonly available hand tools. This makes it invisible to the government – hence the ghostly name.

The tragic Saugus High School multiple shootings, by a student on November 14, 2019, featured a ghost gun.

Along with Tippett’s arrest for an outstanding warrant, another suspect, Jace Criado (23) was also
arrested for PC 496(a) – Possession/Receiving stolen property.

Both were booked at San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department High Desert Detention Center in

This is the second arrest associated with the ongoing home-invasion investigation. Anyone with further information regarding the incident is urged to contact Detective Thomas Lewis at 760-255-5187.

To proved anonymous information regarding the home invasion robbery, contact We-Tip at 1-800-78- CRIME or at wetip.com.

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