Trespasser cultivating marijuana on private property

Trespasser cultivating marijuana on private property

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office discovered a man trespassing on property on which he was cultivating marijuana –

“In June 2020, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was contacted regarding an illegal trespass marijuana operation occurring on private property located in the area of mile post marker 13.07 on Highway 162 in Willits, California.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division began an investigation, where they ultimately contacted a male subject sleeping in a travel trailer in the immediate area. The subject was identified as being Jason Bacchi, who claimed to be the owner of the property, but was unable to produce any legal documents supporting his claim.

During research, the Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm the property did not belong to Bacchi, but in fact, found that Bacchi was actually trespassing on multiple pieces of property that he was accessing by all terrain vehicles [ATV’s].

At the time this incident was first reported to the Sheriff’s Office, the marijuana gardens were in the preliminary stages. As a result, at the request of the property owners, Bacchi was simply asked to vacate the property/area.

The Sheriff’s Office was re-contacted a few days later, learning Bacchi refused to vacate, again claiming he had supporting documents showing the particular piece of property belonged to his family. When asked to produce such documents, Bacchi became defiant with Deputies and was once again unable to produce supporting documentation.

On 06-03-2020, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (COMMET) conducted aerial surveillance of the properties in question, where two separate marijuana cultivation sites were discovered.

One cultivation location [not yet planted] was on private property owned by the Shamrock Ranch, with the other being on Coastal Forest Lands LTD. While conducting aerial surveillance, several hundred growing marijuana plants were observed.

On 06-07-2020, COMMET with the assistance of a Cal-Fire Prevention Officer, and a Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden, responded to mile post marked 13.07 to make contact with Bacchi, who was still on the property.

Upon arrival, Bacchi was contacted where he was informed as to the reason of law enforcement’s presence.

Bacchi was shown documentation proving he in fact was not the property owner. Bacchi was verbally confrontational and was detained at the scene. Bacchi was later arrested for 11358 HS (marijuana cultivation) and 602 PC (criminal trespassing).

A total of 630 growing marijuana plants were located and eradicated.

In order to remove his personal property and vacate the property, Bacchi was released at the scene on his written promise to appear in the Superior Court of Mendocino County at a later date.”



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