Four arrested in connection to reported “shootout” at Covelo marijuana site

Four arrested in connection to reported “shootout” at Covelo marijuana site

Four people have been arrested in connection to what was reported as a “shootout” at a marijuana cultivation site in Covelo last week.

Around 6:30 PM on June 8, dispatch began receiving calls about gunfire in the area of Crawford Road and Biggar Lane in Covelo. Callers claimed to have heard anywhere from 40 to 200 shots from what sounded like semi- or fully automatic rifles.

When deputies and Round Valley Tribal Police officers responded to the scene, the Tribal Police officers noticed a man armed with a rifle fleeing southbound, though witnesses had reported seeing several people flee the scene. Nonetheless, the officers ultimately detained two men and confiscated one rifle.

CHP officers also responded to the scene, which turned out to be a large marijuana cultivation site consisting of a 10-acre parcel of land held in trust by the Federal Government as part of the reservation system. 38 “hoop houses” had been set up for cultivation, with the rest of the land occupied by campers and tents belonging to the cultivators.

At this point four men had been detained, but all denied knowledge of a shootout. Nonetheless, bullet damage to one of the hoop houses and a nearby vehicle suggested one had taken place.

After learning that the marijuana cultivation operation was unpermitted, authorities were able to secure a search warrant for the property. Per the warrant, investigators discovered three rifles, four handguns, and over 12,000 marijuana plants that were ultimately eradicated.

By the end of it all, six people had been detained, although none admitted to direct knowledge of the shootout. Investigators did not find evidence that anyone had been shot.

Of the six detained, four were arrested and booked: Rosalio Pena (50), Ruben Hernandez Najera (22), Osvaldo Garcia Campos (40), and Angel Maria Ramirez (48). They have been cited for cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale.

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