Hazard lights on, driver asleep inside

Hazard lights on, driver asleep inside
Photo: Jahandar Raissi

A deputy never knows what they will see during a routine patrol, as the Placer County Sheriff’s Office press release can attest –

“One of our deputies was driving down Athens Avenue in Roseville early Monday morning, when he spotted a vehicle with its hazards on, pulled over on the shoulder of Fiddyment Road. The deputy also noticed the vehicle had an expired registration.

He went to check on the welfare of the occupant and found him unconscious, and slumped over in the driver’s seat. The occupant was identified as 59-year old Jahandar Raissi, of Sacramento. During his contact with Raissi, the deputy observed what appeared to look like a handgun on the floorboard behind the driver’s seat, and within reaching distance of Raissi.

The deputy called for cover, and a plan was formed to wake Raissi up, then quickly detain him before he could reach for the gun. As soon as deputies woke Raissi up, he began to resist them and ignore their orders to place his hands behind his back. Deputies were eventually able to get Raissi handcuffed.

Upon closer examination of the gun in the car, deputies determined it to be an air-soft gun. As a deputy, you can never be too careful on any call. When deputies encounter replica guns in the field, more often than not, they look like the real thing. Deputies always take the necessary precautions to make sure they and the public remain safe.

Raissi was arrested and charged with resisting a peace officer and being intoxicated in public.”


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