Grocery Employees Suspect Forgery

Grocery Employees Suspect Forgery
Photo: Jason H. Parker

When 37-year old Jason H. Parker handed a Savemart employee a check, something did not add up. A request was made to Sonora Police Department to come to the store and investigate. Within minutes, police were talking to Parker, who was identified to officials by store personnel.

Parker was in possession of two business checks displaying the name of a local restaurant. He explained he worked at the restaurant and showed officers his identification, the name of which differed from “Jason H. Parker.”

In his possession was also a wallet, later determined stolen, which contained cards and other property matching the name on the ID Parker tried to pass as his own.

Eventually, it was established Parker was not the person from the ID, nor did he work at the restaurant, or have authority to use the checks in question.

He was arrested for check forgery, attempting to pass fictitious checks, and providing false information to a peace officer and booked into the Tuolumne County Jail.

Parker was arrested on 01/28/2020 and remains in custody at the time of this writing. Additional charges relating to the stolen wallet may also be pursued.

Photos from Sonora Police Station

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