Woman Arrested for Threatening to Kill Her Neighbors

Woman Arrested for Threatening to Kill Her Neighbors

A Rancho Cucamonga woman out on bail was arrested for threatening to shoot and kill her neighbors once she received her firearms back from police custody.

The suspect, 49-year-old Susan Yuskiewicz, had two guns removed from her home on January 12, following the arrest of her roommate in relation to a shooting in their backyard.

On the evening of January 16, Yuskiewicz needed some help unloading things from her vehicle. She received it from an obliging neighbor after knocking on their door to ask for assistance.

Not long afterwards, Yuskiewicz “got angry” and “shouted expletives” at the neighbor, according to the release, so he went back home.

Things only escalated from there. Yuskiewicz walked back up to the neighbor’s home and banged on the front door and windows. Additionally, she “rang the doorbell excessively while shouting out the names of each family member. She threatened to kill all of them once she recovered her guns,” according to the release.

Rancho Cucamonga responded to the scene, located in the 5700 block of Oaklawn Place in Rancho Cucamonga, shortly before 6 PM. They arrested her at her home for making criminal threats.

“Upon further investigation, deputies discovered Yuskiewicz was currently out on bail for an open charge,” according to the release. Yuskiewicz was also charged with committing another felony while out on bail.”

Yuskiewicz was booked into West Valley Detention Center with a bail set at $100,000.

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