Child’s killer denied most recent parole request

Child’s killer denied most recent parole request

As reported by The Nevada County Sheriff District Attourney via their Official Facebook Page –

“Skylene was only six years old in 1987 when Luan Houghton, her mother, reported she was missing. Law enforcement from the Grass Valley Police Department spent days looking for the child. Eventually, Luan Houghton directed a search party to a remote area on the back side of Rollins Lake. She was concerned that someone may have “dumped” Skylene there.

Skylene was found laying on her stomach. She was dressed in purple pants and a pink and white shirt. A pair of women’s pants were wrapped around her neck. A later autopsy would reveal she had been strangled to death.

In statements Luan Houghton would admit she put the victim “to sleep” out of “love” because of pain inflicted upon the child because of her “black appearance.” Luan Houghton was white but Skylene was multiracial and appeared to be black. After Luan Houghton had a new baby, referred to as the “mega-white” baby, she began to physically abuse Skylene.

Luan Houghton was convicted of the murder of Skylene in 1988 and sentenced to life in prison. She was eligible for parole and a hearing was held today (1/3/20), at the California Institution for Women in Corona. The Grass Valley Police Department wrote to the Parole Board opposing her release. The District Attorney’s Office spoke during the hearing opposing her release.

At the conclusion of the hearing the Parole Board denied Luan Houghton parole for 3 more years.

We will never stop fighting for justice for Skylene.”



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