Tis the season…to be careful

Tis the season…to be careful
Photo: example of a theft from a porch

Here’s a friendly reminder from the Napa County Sheriff’s Office about protecting yourself from those who would steal packages from off of your porch –

“The Napa County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents to be vigilant this holiday season as packages begin to arrive on our doorsteps.

The best holidays are safe holidays. Package theft is a common topic of conversation on Nextdoor. Help us help you by following these tips to thwart package thefts:

1. Keep each other updated about recent package theft activity
2. Share surveillance footage of a package theft in action
3. Ask a neighbor to pick up a package if your plans have you away from home
4. Offer to pick up a neighbor’s packages
5. Request for packages to be sent to your post office or participating location”

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