Mendocino County woman arrested after traffic stop turns violent

Mendocino County woman arrested after traffic stop turns violent
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REDWOOD VALLEY — A Mendocino County woman was booked for resisting arrest after allegedly becoming violent during a traffic stop.

Just before midnight on Monday, September 9, a Deputy Sheriff on routine patrol noticed a suspicious vehicle parked at Eagle Peak Middle School, which has been a somewhat notorious site for burglary and vandalism.

As the deputy pulled up, the vehicle started to drive away, prompting the initiation of a formal traffic stop right there in the parking lot.

The deputy approached the vehicle and quickly recognized the driver as 21-year-old Samantha Mendez. He also quickly recognized signs that Mendez may be intoxicated; her eyes were red and watery, and a heavy smell of alcohol emanated from the vehicle. A large glass marijuana bong was also visible.

The deputy asked Mendez to get out of the car and she refused, instead placing both her hands on the steering wheel.

Concerned that she was about to flee the scene, the deputy opened the car door and again asked her to step out. When she ignored him, he took her by the arm and asked her to step out for the third time. She pulled her arm away and put her hands back on the wheel.

The deputy grabbed her arm again, at which point she tried to bite his forearm several times.

At that point, the deputy removed her from the vehicle, all the while she continued to fight by kicking and trying to pull her arms free. The struggle eventually went to the ground, where the deputy was able to get cuffs on her.

He then helped her to her feet, but she kept fighting and trying to escape. After several minutes, he managed to safely restrain her in the back of his patrol vehicle.

She was ultimately booked for felony resisting by use of force or violence and violation of probation, with bail set at $20,000.

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