Four Individuals Arrested for Identity Theft in Porterville

Four Individuals Arrested for Identity Theft in Porterville

Haley Robertson, a 25-year old from Oregon, Joshua Lyman, a 30-year old from Bakersfield, Christina Johnston, a 28-year old from Ridgecrest and Kyle Lisman, a23-year old from Bakersfield were arrested on July 19th for various identify theft, drug, and community supervision related violations.

First contacted was Robertson, in the parking lot of the Palm Three Inn on West Morton Avenue in Porterville. She was wanted in Sonoma County for an arrest warrant. When Porterville Police officers found mail from five nearby residences on her person, they called in the PPD’s Neighborhood Crime Suppression Unit to investigate.

Their investigation led them to the Motel 6 where they contacted their second suspect, Lyman. Police searched the Motel 6 room and found drug paraphernalia, mail from 29 Porterville addresses, credit cards belong to 12 different people, social security numbers, and a counterfeit check. In Lyman’s car they found mailbox keys and heroin. Robertson and Lyman, who is on felony probation, were arrested.

The remaining suspects were contacted in the Motel 6 parking lot. Initially, Johnston and Lisman falsely identified themselves to police but their identities were soon realized. Johnston’s involvement in these crimes put her in violation of her parole.

In addition to violating his felony probation, Lisman had removed his ankle monitor, had three warrants out for his arrest, was in possession of methamphetamine, and in possession of burglary tools.

All four suspects were booked into the Tulare County Jail. As of the time of this writing they remain in custody at the Bob Wiley Detention Facility. Robertson’s bail is set at $30,000; Lyman and Johnston’s bail is set at $25,000 each; and Lisman’s bail is set at $45,000.

Photos from the PPD

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