Crime Doesn’t Sleep – Teamwork brings in a Bold Burglar

Crime Doesn’t Sleep – Teamwork brings in a Bold Burglar
Photo: BC Cafe

CLAREMONT – An early-morning “Vehicle Burglary” call sent Claremont PD Officers to the rear alley of 500 W. San Jose Avenue on June 26th. Arriving officers discovered the stolen property located near the scene of the crime.

However, the suspects had fled. A dayshift officer conducted a follow-up in the area later that day. Investigation produced video surveillance of a female suspect.

Next, teamwork commenced. A viewing of the video by a Motor Officer led to an ID of a female suspect based on prior contacts with her.

The dedicated dayshift officer opted to continue in assisting the investigation on his day off. He created a crime bulletin featuring the suspect’s photo.

“Moments after the bulletin was disseminated, another officer located the suspect at BC Café (701 S. Indian Hill) and detained her,” said Council Member Ed Reece. The former Police Commissioner added, “The suspect was placed under arrest for the burglary and during a search incident to the arrest, burglary tools, including a window punch, were found in the suspect’s possession.”

Alexis Frenes (24) of Pomona was escorted to jail. Teamwork continued in the jail cell area. The jailer discovered information regarding the suspect’s discarding of contraband prior to the initial officer’s contact.

“The jailer advised the arresting officer who returned to BC Café,” said Reece, “scoured the area and discovered a loaded .22 caliber handgun laying on the grassy knoll [outside the restaurant.] The suspect later confessed to possessing the firearm prior to officer contact.”

This discovery and removal of the loaded gun averted certain tragedy on a beautiful summer day.

Kudos go out to Claremont PD’s teamwork and round-the-clock dedication to law enforcement investigations.

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