Violent suspect, released from jail, rearrested after sexual assault

Violent suspect, released from jail, rearrested after sexual assault
 Photo:Richard Hernandez
SAN JOSE —The San Jose Police Department has made an arrest in a case involving sexual battery, assault with intent to commit rape, and burglary.  The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Richard Hernandez, was identified just days earlier as the attacker of several employees at a local gas station.
Hernandez attacked multiple employees by waving three sticks at them inside the convenience store. He blamed the employees for not allowing him to hang out at the store and was angry at them for calling the police, he claimed. He left the store and then returned and threw rocks through the windows, shattering them. Hernandez was arrested at the store as the employees he had tried to attack held him down for police to arrive and arrest him.
Hernandez was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. But then after appearing in court after several days, he was released on a promise to appear before a judge for the attack. That is when things became fuzzy for the whereabouts of the defendant until he was later arrested after attempting to rape a 28-year-old female in her home.
According to San Jose Police, “On Thursday, March 28, 2019, at approximately 4:22 a.m., San Jose Police responded to the 900 block of Ironwood Drive in San Jose on a report of an unknown adult male sexually assaulting a female victim inside her bedroom.”
Another individual in the home heard the attack and dialed 9-1-1. Police responded immediately to the scene and arrested Hernandez for Sexual Battery (felony) – 243.3PC, Assault with Intent to Commit Rape (felony) – 220PC and Burglary (felony) – 459PC.
Hernandez will not be released from jail, pending further litigation by the Santa Clara County Prosecutor’s office.
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