Ceres Man Arrested for a String of Burglaries and Thefts

Ceres Man Arrested for a String of Burglaries and Thefts
Photo: Brandon Loyd

In December of 2018 33-year old Brandon Loyd became a wanted man for his suspected involvement in a residential burglary in Patterson. During this burglary, firearms were taken from the home. In January 2019, Loyd was caught on camera driving up to a south Modesto home in a stolen car before burglarizing the place, taking with him more guns.

While investigating these burglaries and trying to locate Loyd, detectives discovered he was linked to several other burglaries and car thefts. Detectives also became aware of comments Loyd had made to friends and family, stating he would commit suicide by cop before going to jail.

With these comments and the stolen firearms, the Newman Sheriff’s Department alerted the public, via their Facebook page on February 20th, that Loyd was an armed and dangerous, wanted man.

The tips started rolling in, giving detectives new leads to follow. On March 22nd, detectives learned of Loyd’s possible location and they sent out an unmarked car to the 13000 block of Carpenter Road to verify.

About 4PM that afternoon, Loyd was spotted riding passenger in a car. Detectives in the unmarked car followed the vehicle transporting Loyd, updating patrol units and the Sheriff Department helicopter who were on their way, of their location. Once the helicopter arrived on scene, a K9 patrol unit positioned himself behind Loyd’s vehicle, preparing to make a stop near Hills Ferry Road, west of River Road in Newman.

Loyd waited for his car to slow before jumping out and attempting to make a run for it toward a nearby field. Deputy Nathan Crain was assisted by his K9 partner Colt who ran after Loyd and apprehended him until Crain caught up and arrested Loyd.

After received medical attention at a local hospital for a bite wound sustained during his encounter with Colt, Loyd was booked into Stanislaus Adult Detention Facility. He is charged with multiple counts of first degree burglary, auto theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle. His bail is set at $460,000.

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