Deputies Arrest Man Suspected of Prostituting 16-Year-Old Girl

Deputies Arrest Man Suspected of Prostituting 16-Year-Old Girl
Photo: Kenneth McDaniel

SAN RAFAEL — Marin County Sheriff’s deputies took custody of a man suspected of prostituting a 16-year-old girl. Deputies had no trouble finding him because he was already incarcerated at Sonoma County Jail.

Kenneth McDaniel’s latest troubles with the law started with a parking violation last summer. McDaniel, 24, was the driver of a vehicle cited for blocking a driveway, near a convenience store in the Canal district.

It seems McDaniel was driving with a suspended license for a DUI conviction. Furthermore, a background check tipped off the police that he has several prior convictions.

Consequently, McDaniel’s vehicle got searched and officers questioned a 16-year-old girl who was sitting inside. This search yielded a stash of cannabis and condoms.

Authorities released McDaniel, but they took the girl away for further questioning. The girl later informed authorities that she was a runaway from Lake County, and in San Rafael to work as a prostitute.

Allegedly, McDaniel was pimping her and collecting the money. In fact, McDaniel had on him nearly $2,000 when he was searched.

During an investigation that followed, evidence was found of the girl visiting websites associated with prostitution. In addition, her phone records indicate it was being used to set up appointments with johns.

Subsequently, McDaniel has been charged with human trafficking, and directing or supervising prostitution. On February 27, McDaniel was picked up from jail in Santa Rosa and transported to jail in San Rafael.

McDaniel was serving his sentence for a drug conviction in Sonoma County, prior to his latest arrest. Now McDaniel remains in custody at Marin County Jail in lieu of $160,000 bond. His next scheduled court appearance is March 14.

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