2 Teens Arrested, 2 Cars Impounded for Participating in ‘Sideshows’

2 Teens Arrested, 2 Cars Impounded for Participating in ‘Sideshows’
Photo: Jonathan Xolocotz (Instagram)

FREMONT — Police arrested two 19-year-olds and impounded their cars for participating in street racing “sideshows” in the south end of Fremont. This is a persistent public safety problem for cities east of San Francisco.

Law enforcement agencies are coordinating a crackdown on sideshows. Fremont police are working with the Alameda County Unified Sideshow Task Force.

On January 18th at 10:20 p.m., a Fremont patrol officer encountered a sideshow. As many as 20 vehicles were making “doughnuts” racing and driving in circles on Lakeview Court.

As the officer approached, one car stopped briefly before spinning in circles and nearly striking the patrol car. A call for backups went out immediately.

As additional units arrived on the scene, officers attempted to make traffic enforcement stops, but the sideshow participants fled.

One such driver in a Ford Mustang evaded police and sped away. However, Fremont police later identified him as Samiuela Palavi of Belmont. On the following day, Palavi was arrested on a warrant at his home.

Palavi was booked for evading a police officer, and his Mustang was impounded for 30 days.

Another driver, Jonathan Xolocotz of San Mateo, was caught driving without headlights on nearby Interstate 880. Xolocotz was pulled over at a weigh station, where he was arrested.

Xolocoz was booked for exhibition of speed, and unlawful driving of a vehicle without lamps. In addition, his Toyota FRS was impounded.

On the following night, Fremont police responded  when as many as 100 vehicles participated in another sideshow. These hooligans were shooting firearms, and also threw rocks and bottles at California Highway Patrol officers.

All these cars fled from the area of Dumbarton Circle and Campus Drive. Unfortunately, they got away—after they briefly shutdown Highway 84 and set off fireworks.

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