Lancelot Ledwick Nearly Hits Officers with Stolen Pickup Truck

Lancelot Ledwick Nearly Hits Officers with Stolen Pickup Truck
Photo: Lancelot Ledwick

SAN LEANDRO — A man in and out of jail several times for DUI convictions and on probation is back behind bars again. However, his latest arrest concerns nearly running over two police officers with a stolen pickup truck.

The suspect’s latest troubles with the law began the week before Christmas. San Leandro officers were dispatched at 4 a.m. on December 18th to investigate a pickup truck that had been reported stolen.

Responding officers encountered 29-year-old Lancelot Ledwick, sitting inside the truck on the 800 block of Davis Street. Immediately, they saw what appeared to be illicit drugs in plain view on the console.

According to police, Ledwick ignored repeated commands from an officer and started the truck’s engine. The pickup quickly reversed backwards, nearly hitting two officers.

Next, the truck crashed into a police car, before the driver led officers on a high-speed chase. Police say Ledwick drove at speeds up to 100 mph through the streets of nearby Oakland.

The pursuit lasted for 11 miles, before San Leandro officers aborted the chase in the interest of public safety. Thereafter, Ledwick avoided contact with the law for two days.

Fast forward to December 20th, nearly 200 miles away. The stolen pickup truck was spotted parked outside a cabin, by Truckee police who notified SLPD.

San Leandro detectives traveled to Truckee and set up surveillance. Nearly 24 hours later, Ledwick was located and arrested by SLPD detectives. But first, they had to chase after him running through deep snow.

Subsequently, Ledwick was transported to Santa Rita Jail and scheduled to appear in court on January 4th. His charges include resisting arrest and fleeing officers in pursuit. In addition, there is a charge for receiving stolen property—namely the pickup truck.

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