Fugitive from Fremont Nabbed for Murder of High School Student

Fugitive from Fremont Nabbed for Murder of High School Student
Photo: Christian L. Kelling

FREMONT — Christian L. Kelling, a 21-year-old fugitive from Fremont had his travel plans to flee the U.S. interrupted. Kelling is now in custody and accused of murdering a high school student during a cannabis deal gone bad.

The victim was 17-year-old Damani Chadly, who died from multiple gunshot wounds on December 4th. Investigators determined the victim was shot while fleeing in a car, following a dispute with the suspect.

The fleeing car crashed into the side of a house at the corner of Chaucer Drive and Torrington Court. The unidentified driver and Chadly who was a passenger were both wounded. Chadly died at the scene, but the driver recovered from his injuries. Inside the disabled car, authorities found cannabis packaged for sale.

Fremont detectives assisted patrol officers in investigating what happened. With evidence gathered from city surveillance cameras and witness statements, a suspect was identified.

On December 12, authorities obtained a warrant to arrest Christian L. Kelling of Fremont. Only problem, by this time Kelling had already fled to Texas.

Timing was critical because investigators learned Kelling was planning to flee from the U.S. Specifically, Kelling purchased an airline ticket for an international flight.

The solution was simple. Fremont detectives contacted the Lone Star U.S Marshal Fugitive Apprehension Unit, based in Austin. On the same day, U.S. Marshals arrested Kelling at a residence in Pflugerville, TX.

In addition, U.S. Marshals located a semi-automatic firearm, ammunition, and a sound suppressor. Besides that, they found cannabis and a large quantity of cash.

Back home in Alameda County, Kelling was charged on December 18 with murder, attempted murder, and intentional discharge of a firearm. Pending extradition, Kelling has accommodations awaiting him at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

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