DNA Match On A Crime Scene’s Beer Can Nabs A Repetitious Realtor Poseur

DNA Match On A Crime Scene’s Beer Can Nabs A Repetitious Realtor Poseur
Photo: Michael John Garcia

TWIN PEAKS –  A beer can found at a crime scene, turned out to be the link that solved a burglary committed by a realtor poseur.

Slightly over two years ago, on 08/09/2016, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Isiordia arrived on scene of a burglarized vacation property where $1,100 worth of TV sets had been stolen.

An unknown suspect had gained entry to the property via a key found in the realtor/property manager’s lock box. The victim was away at the time.

Evidence gathered by Deputy Isiordia at the scene included a beer can left at the scene. DNA evidence was collected and filed for further investigation.

FBI’s ‘CODIS’ 11/14/18 notification of a DNA hit pointed to the 8/9/16 burglary report. CODIS named Michael John Garcia in the link notification sent to Twin Peaks’ Investigation Division.

Garcia had been named in a separate burglary incident where he posed as a realtor, also in Twin Peaks’ jurisdiction, one month later. Access was again gained through a lock box. The repetitious burglary suspect was discovered to be on active felony probation.

Interviews with the suspect located on 11/20/18 revealed no viable reason as to his DNA appearing at the 2016 crime scene. He was immediately arrested and booked into Central Detention Center.

CODIS is the world’s largest repository of known offender DNA records. The National DNA Index System (NDIS) along with the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) software to manage the program was launched in 1998.

Blending forensic science and computer technology, CODIS is an effective crime-solving tool. Federal, state and local forensic labs can exchange and compare DNA profiles, and link serial offenders and violent crime occurrences.

The FBI added, “Using the National DNA Index System of CODIS, the National Missing Persons DNA Database also helps identify missing and unidentified individuals.”

Finally, there may be other incidents that could be linked to this case. You are urged to please provide any additional information to the Twin Peaks Investigations Division at (909) 336-0600


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