Replica Handgun Locks Down South Hills High School Campus

Replica Handgun Locks Down South Hills High School Campus
Photo: replica gun seized

WEST COVINA – Rumors of a student in possession of a handgun sent South Hills High School staff to alert the School Resource Officer on Wednesday at about 1:15 PM. West Covina PD responded immediately.

A campus lock-down commenced. Officers found the student, not in possession of the gun. A detailed investigation and interviews with additional students revealed an inoperable replica handgun in the possession of another student. Officers discovered the handgun in a backpack inside a classroom.

“It appears a few different students passed the replica handgun around,” said WCPD Lieutenant Travis Tibbetts. As a result,  officers arrested three juvenile students, charged with bringing a replica handgun onto a school campus. “Officers are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and any specific threats that may have been made.”

Previously, WCPD conducted active shooter training with the South Hills HS staff. Lt.Tibbetts added that they resolved the incident quickly due do the well-trained staff and support from the Covina Valley School District.

Finally, the WCPD does not believe that there is not a current threat toward the school or the students.  Authorities urge everyone to call the police should they see something suspicious. This also includes if you become aware of someone bringing a weapon onto a school campus.


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