Illegally Operating Cannabis Dispensary Raided

Illegally Operating Cannabis Dispensary Raided
Photo: Ashes in Tehachapi

TEHACHAPI -The KCSO received a report about “an illegally operating cannabis dispensary.” On August 24, deputies served a search warrant at Ashes, at 20681 West Valley Boulevard.

As a result, the warrant yielded 10 pounds of cannabis and 3,890 grams of oils and concentrates.

In addition, detectives seized 415 packages of edibles and 63 ounces of “miscellaneous body products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).”

Finally, they also seized $1,688 in currency. Law enforcement estimates the street value of the seized cannabis to be $17,000.

The value of the oils and concentrates is $155,600. The value of  the edibles is $8,300. This makes  the total value at over $180,000.

The two arrested adults arrested face charges of possession of cannabis for sale.

Authorities cited and released Nelson Vasquez (55 years of age) and Shawn Kinney (36 years of age).

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