Jackpot at the Jackpot in Colusa

Jackpot at the Jackpot in Colusa
Photo: Dylan Dean Brock

COLUSA – The CPD hit the jackpot at the Jackpot on August 2.  An officer conducted a vehicle stop at 10:30 that night at the Jackpot Food Mart.


John George Lara

The driver, 24-year-old Dylan Dean Brock, appeared to display a handgun at the officer. His passenger, 32-year-old  John George Lara, sat tight.

The officer held both men at gunpoint until backup arrived.

Turns out the “gun” was actually ” a very realistic pellet gun.” A further search of the vehicle turned up a collapsible baton, meth and other firearms.


inside the car

In addition, Lara had meth on his person. Drugs and weapons charges awaited both suspects.

The nearby Colusa Casino Resort was not the only place to dish out a jackpot that night.

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