“Active Sex Registrant” Arrested for Indecent Exposure

“Active Sex Registrant” Arrested for Indecent Exposure
Photo: Vernon Pete Gray

SAN LUIS OBISPO – 35-year-old Vernon Pete Gray is an “active 290 PC sex registrant.” On the morning of July 15 he was at it again.

A woman reported that, as she exited a business, a man sat in the white SUV next to hers. The man “pointed a phone in her direction and began masturbating.”

The victim got a good enough  look at the suspect and his vehicle to supply these details to the SLOPD.  The SUV had a crack in the lower right corner of the windshield. It also sported a sticker in the right corner of the rear window.

Further investigation led officers to identify Gray as their suspect.  They located him on July 19 at a job site and arrested him.

His charges include indecent exposure and a parole violation. Because of the parole violation, he has no bail for the charge.

“The San Luis Obispo Police Department would like to remind citizens to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. If you see suspicious activity, report it to the Police Department as soon as possible.”



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