Two in Stolen Car Transporting Drugs

Two in Stolen Car Transporting Drugs
Photo: Jonathan Buduan and Ashley Turcott

DESERT HOT SPRINGS – At first it concerned  the report of a stolen car. Turns out it was a stolen car transporting drugs.

The report came in on Friday morning from Palm Drive and Hacienda Avenue.

The vehicle’s owner made the report. In fact, he was “tracking his stolen Honda sedan in the area.” The theft occurred in Thousand Palms.

Officers discovered the vehicle, “parked and unoccupied, in a driveway in the 66900 block of Hacienda Avenue.”

Five minutes into their surveillance, officers saw a man and a woman enter the stolen Honda.

The car meandered out onto the road. DHSPD units met and stopped them form going any further.

The car contained “a substantial amount” of drugs – heroin, meth and several types of prescription pills.

Packaging and other items indicated possession for sales of the narcotics.


The arrestees are 46-year-old Jonathan Buduan and 28-year-old Ashley Turcott.

Both share charges of possession of controlled substance for sale and transportation of controlled substances.

In addition, Buduan has charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and probation violation.





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