Drug Lab Operator Injured, Busted, Arrested

Drug Lab Operator Injured, Busted, Arrested
Photo: VCSD display confiscated drugs and such

Ventura County – 22-year-old Thousand Oaks resident and drug lab operator Anthony Albert may have been a stellar chemistry student. However, in his case a little knowledge may have been a dangerous thing.

On June 14th, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to a call reporting an injury due to chemical burns at a Thousand Oaks apartment complex.

According to VCSD spokesman Det. Stephen Egnatchik, deputies on the scene discovered Albert suffering skin burns and a “severe reaction” to contact with fentanyl powder.

They also observed “what appeared to be a fentanyl manufacturing laboratory” inside Albert’s apartment. Deputies immediately summoned the VCSD Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit to assist in any further investigation.

It was soon determined that “a hazardous drug manufacturing lab was present” in the premises. Therefore authorities issued an evacuation notice to nearby residents.

An examination of Albert’s residence revealed “a total of three gallons of precursor chemicals to manufacture controlled substances.”   In addition, he had a loaded shotgun on site.

Additional law enforcement resources called to the scene included the Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force Clandestine Laboratory Team. Using hazmat apparel and gear, that team removed and disposed of multiple hazardous materials, including “a variety of chemistry equipment, glass beakers, and distillation devices.”

Albert received medical treatment for his injuries at the scene.  Then he rode to the Ventura County Jail.  There he received a charge of manufacturing a controlled substance.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

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