Guns and Cars Don’t Usually Mix Well

Guns and Cars Don’t Usually Mix Well

SAN BRUNO – Two recent incidents remind us that guns and cars do not usually mix very well.

In the first incident on the Sunday morning of June 3, officers came upon a man asleep in his car. 31-year-old Sacramento resident Ronnie Vincente Coronado, Jr. met local law enforcement.  They also met the gun that he carried in the car, and both gun and man rode to jail.

Then, on June 8 SBPD received a call about a carjacking. It was 2:00 in the morning. The victim reported that a male suspect showed a weapon and proceeded to steal their car.

Before long officers saw the car southbound on 101.  As is often the case, the unlawful driver refused to yield. The suspect then exited on Poplar Avenue.

In his exit, he hit into two parked vehicles.  That is where this incident ended, as officers arrested the juvenile driver.

The juvenile needed minor hospital attention before his trip to jail.

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