Man Acted Bizarrely, Had 5 Guns in Van

Man Acted Bizarrely, Had 5 Guns in Van
Therefore, Photo: Vasquez’ guns

FAIRFIELD – As the man acted bizarrely, he attracted the attention of a City of Fairfield employee. In addition, he sat in his van, parked behind the police department building.

36-year-old Jose Vasquez told the employee that several individuals were following him and trying to harm him.

As approaching officers talked with Vasquez, they spotted “narcotics in a baggie on the center console” of his van.

Therefore, the presence of drugs opened the door, figuratively and literally, for officers to search the van.

Here’s what they found in the van –

  • a loaded Glock .40 caliber handgun with 26 rounds;
  • two loaded .22 caliber handguns;
  • an unloaded 1911 .45 caliober handgun;
  • a .223 semi-automatic AR-15 rifle with a 40-round magazine;
  • 40 rounds of .223 ammunition.

Vasquez has “numerous prior contacts with FPD and prior gang related violent felony convictions.”

The FPD thanks interested and involved citizens for their part in helping to keep the community safe.


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