16 Years to Life for 2016 Murder

16 Years to Life for 2016 Murder
Photo: Migoya at his arraignment

WOODLAND – 35-year-old Guatemalan Heder Migoya received a 15 years to life in prison sentence last Wednesday. His sentence came as a result of Dustin Dougherty’s  September 29 2016 murder.

The jury convened in May and heard evidence for two weeks. Part of the evidence concerned Migoya’s history of domestic violence.

On the night in question, the suspect entered Lori Sievers’ home, unannounced and unwelcomed. Sievers had filed for divorce from Migoya.

An argument ensued, and then the suspect attacked Dougherty with a 6-inch knife.  Dougherty died on scene with a stab would to his heart.

Deputy District Attorney Amanda Zambor stated “Domestic violence is a deadly crime and has vast ramifications throughout the community as evidenced by this case. Hopefully the verdict and sentencing of the defendant has brought some sense of justice for Mr. Dougherty’s family and friends. Obviously Mr. Dougherty cannot be replaced but at least his murderer is being held accountable for his vicious crimes.”



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