Observant Citizen Helps Nab Two Burglars

Observant Citizen Helps Nab Two Burglars
Photo: Kris Rashah Smith

NEWCASTLE – An “observant citizen” recently helped to stop two burglars. The citizen spotted “suspicious activity” at 11 pm on June 7.

To begin with, a Chevy Tahoe drove around Ridge and Ralston Roads. The caller noticed that the driver “tried to duck down.”


Bianca Garcia

In addition, “an unfamiliar motorcycle” sat parked by the open garage door of a nearby house.

Both vehicles left the scene, and deputies also stopped them both. They left behind a burglarized home.

43-year-old Kris Rashah Smith drove the Tahoe, which contained “lots of stolen mail.” Some of the stolen mail came from the area where the duo were spotted.

23-year-old Bianca Garcia rode without a helmet and tried to escape before her stalled cycle stopped her. Garcia had house keys, car keys, coins and stamps. These items came from the house they had just left.

The Tahoe contained a motorcycle helmet. (Perhaps the one Garcia forgot to wear?)

The pair had different, conflicting stories. They both shared these same charges – residential burglary, conspiracy and receiving stolen property.

In addition, Smith has a possession of burglary tools charge. He has a felony no-bail warrant.

For her part, Garcia faces charges of resisting arrest and possession of meth.

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