Two Arrests in Violent Sexual Assault

Two Arrests in Violent Sexual Assault
Photo: Alejandro May Quintero

SONOMA – Nearly two months after a violent sexual assault, the SCSO arrested two suspects for the crime.

On April 14 a woman mistakenly took a ride share to Bruno’s Bar. She then called and waited for another ride in order to go home.


Fredi Analberto Lopez-Flores

Instead, 33-year-old Fredi Analberto Lopez-Flores and 24-year-old Alejandro May Quintero forced her into their car.

Quintero beat her and attacked her until they got to Sonoma, then continued. Lopez-Flores got out, went to a gas station and bought a condom, and also sexually attacked the victim.

The victim escaped and a Safeway employee nearby helped her end the ordeal.

The victim reported the crime and an extensive investigation followed. Investigators put in over 2000 hours of time and issued 20 search warrants. They covered nine California counties.

Investigators went through surveillance video from businesses and bridges. Eventually they nailed it down to a black Dodge Magnum with a blue neon plate light.

They also used the victim’s cell phone which told them where she was, and the times she was there. This information included the time and places she was with her attackers.

In addition, investigators viewed surveillance from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Novato police then recognized the vehicle from a recent unrelated arrest involving Lopez-Flores. They then checked his cell phone records and placed him in the crime area during that night and time.

Detectives arrested Lopez-Flores on June 1 and Quintero on June 2. Quintero’s home contained “physical evidence of the crime.”

With “numerous sex crimes and assualt charges,” the pair each have a bail of $2 million.





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