Transient Arrested After a School Lock Down

Transient Arrested After a School Lock Down
Photo: Ellwood Elementary School

GOLETA – Recent headlines detail the horrors of mass shootings at multiple schools across the country. Any perceived threat to the safety of students on school premises generates a significant law enforcement reaction. SBSD announced another school lock down in Goleta due to a trespassing transient’s arrest

The Setting

On the morning of May 16th 33-year-old transient Sidney Aldana appeared on the campus of Ellwood Elementary School. SBSD Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover reported, Aldana “walked into the school office carrying a backpack and asked for help.” Above all, he also “made a suicidal statement” and then entered the nearest lavatory and locked the door behind him.

The Lockdown

Consequently, the school’s office staff promptly alerted the campus and put it on lock down. All teachers secured their classrooms with their students safely inside. A 911 Emergency call soon brought deputies to the scene who “talked to Aldana through the locked bathroom door.” Shortly thereafter, Aldana unlocked the door and stepped out into the waiting arms of deputies.

The Arrest

Authroities determined that Aldana had a failure-to-appear warrant in Ventura regarding a pending petty theft adjudication. A search revealed him to be in possession of drug paraphernalia, prompting his arrest and transport to jail. He is charged on the outstanding warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia, with his bail set at $7500.

Photo: Courtesy Ellwood Grammar School

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