Officer Thwarts Attempted Murder at a Bus Stop

Officer Thwarts Attempted Murder at a Bus Stop

CLAREMONT – Claremont Police Commissioner Edgar Reese announced yesterday’s pre-dawn rescue during an attempted murder at a bus stop. An officer patrolling northbound Indian Hill at Oak Park Drive discovered a man attacking a female.

Chase and Arrest

The suspect ran when he saw the officer. A subsequent escape took place with a quick jump over a locked gate behind the parking lot of Ability First.

The officer saw the victim’s bloodied and swollen face, then enlisted LA County Fire Dept Paramedics’ immediate response. Claremont PD deployed more officers to the 400 block of Indian Hill to locate and detain Dion Knight (21) of Pomona.

Victim’s Account

Commissioner Reese announced, “The victim (a female transient) positively identified the suspect prior to being transported to the hospital.” Said victim also related to officers that “she was sitting on the bus bench. The suspect approached her and began touching her.”

The suspect struck her repeatedly in the face and knocked her to the ground. He began strangling her. He told the victim that he was the “Grim Reaper” and that he was going to kill her.”

Charge and Bail

Subsequently, Knight went to jail and and was booked for attempted murder. He is at the Los Angeles County Inmate Reception Center, in lieu of $2 million bail.

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