Prostitution Costs Pair $20 Grand Bail

Prostitution Costs Pair $20 Grand Bail

INGLEWOOD, CA—It’s a wicked world, to be sure, but is the oldest profession really so wicked as to cost $10,000 each for two people wanting to do it?

Marissa Harris, 22, and Joseph McDaughtery, 26, were arrested together on Friday, January 23 at approximately 1:55 a.m. at the corner of Meadowbrook Lane and Oak Street in Inglewood, just south of Rogers Park. Despite its name, Meadowbrook is in an industrial park in an Inglewood area known for its heavy gang activity and a significant increase in unsolved shooting homicides in the last two years. It is also four short blocks from the “domicile” owned by former California State Senator Rod Wright, who was convicted of eight felonies in 2014 for election fraud and registration violations.

The two “lovers” were each charged with indecent exposure (314.1PC) and disorderly conduct: soliciting a lewd act (647(A)PC). Both are residents of Los Angeles; Harris is from the 90043 ZIP code and McDaughtery is from 90003.

Bail for the exposure charge was $10,000 for each while the solicitation aspect was a relatively paltry $500 for each person.

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