Shotgun Vs. Hammer and Knife…Guess Who Wins?

Shotgun Vs. Hammer and Knife…Guess Who Wins?
Photo: Manuel Collazo-Rosela

MARYSVILLE – When you pit a shotgun against a hammer and knife, there is little question who will get the upper hand. Early in the morning of May 2, someone broke into a home in the 9000 block of Loma Rica Road. It was a home that was occupied at the time.

Furthermore, the occupant was armed with a shotgun.

25-year-old Manuel Collazo-Rosela used a hammer to break into the backdoor and gain entry. Burglar met armed victim, and burglar promptly ran out.

On his way out, the suspect also dropped the hammer. He had taken it from the resident’s garage.

Deputies had a physical description of the burglar, which quickly reminded them of someone the deputies already knew.

Then the victims positively identified the suspect out of a photo lineup. Deputies soon arrested Collazo-Rosela and charged him with burglary and committing a felony while out of jail.

The YCSD released the arrestee on his own recognizance.



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