7 Years for Operating Honey Oil Lab

7 Years for Operating Honey Oil Lab
Photo: Michael Ryan Willis

CAMERON PARK – On March 29, after a two-year investigation, 31-year-old Michael Ryan Willis pled guilty to “illegally manu-facturing concentrated cannibas (honey oil) as well as shipping it across the US.”

Willis’ plea then led to a seven year sentence.

Back in December 2015 a suspicious package was intercepted by Postal inspectors, and further investigation led authroities to Willis’ apartment in Cameron Park, where they discovered the lab within. There were also children present at the residence.

Although Willis was arrested and charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and child endangerment, that apparently did not stop him from manufacturing the oil in his apartment some time afterwards.

In May of 2017 detectives received a tip that the cooking fires were on again in Wills’ apartment. A search warrant and subsequent revisit to the apartment landed him back in jail.

This time detectives seized $40,000 in cash, 479 marijuana plants, 300 pounds of processed marijuana and over 2 pounds of butane honey oil.

SACBEE: Cameron Park Man pleads guilty after a two-year investigation into honey oil lab


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