Arsonist Ricky Russell Whipple Arrested

Arsonist Ricky Russell Whipple Arrested
Photo: Ricky Russell Whipple

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY — California residents are especially aware of the danger, damage, and death that wildfires can cause.  This awareness becomes mixed with anger when one discovers that some fires are being set on purpose.

On Monday morning, a call came in concerning a fire at Glen Helen Regional Park. As authorities responded to that particular call, other calls came in concerning fires nearby, and at the Interstate 15/215 junction.

A total of 11 fires were reported that morning.

Close by the last fire reported, police encountered, detained, and arrested 29-year-old Fontana resident Ricky Russell Whipple. The suspect had “several items of evidence” on his person that connected him to the arson.

Whipple had set each fire, and then ran through storm drainage tunnels in an attempt to avoid capture. All of the fires that he had set were “contained and extinguished.”

Whipple was charged with aggravated arson and has a bail of $250,000 set.

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