Xanax & Ecstasy Dealer Busted

Xanax & Ecstasy Dealer Busted

Ryan Tallmadge

VENTURA COUNTY — With the cost of legitimate prescription drugs the bane of Medicare, private insurance companies, and medical patients nationwide, there continues to appear to be significant sources for certain stimulants and depressants available without the hassle of actually getting the advice of your family doctor.

Evidence of this ongoing problem was a part of the October 20th report issued to the media by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit spokesman Sgt. Matthew Young, in which he detailed the facts behind the October 4th arrest of Thousand Oaks resident Ryan Tallmadge pursuant to a two month investigation into the sources of MDMA (ecstasy) and Alprazolam (Xanax) flooding the streets at the consumer level.

That investigation, Young reported, led to the suspicion that Tallmadge “was involved in the sales of MDMA and Xanax to residents of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.”

As evidence was accumulated, detectives contacted Tallmadge in his vehicle, detained him, and discovered “approximately one-quarter ounce of MDMA, 1700 Alprazolam pills and a large sum of U.S. currency deemed to be the proceeds of narcotics sales.”

As Tallmadge was taken into custody and on his way to Ventura County Jail, a search warrant was served upon his residence which yielded the additional seizure of five ounces of MDMA and more than 10,000 Alprazolam pills.

Tallmadge was booked on multiple charges of felony drug sales and possession, with his bail set at $50,000.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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