Man Arrested for Armed Robbery

Man Arrested for Armed Robbery

FRESNO – Joseph Uulopa, 31, was booked into Fresno County Jail for the armed robbery of two stores, Savemart and Smart and Final.

Uulopa first hit Smart and Final, located at 2425 North Blackstone, on September 17th but it wasn’t until additional footage from the Savemart robbery was reviewed that he was identified.

Employees of the Savemart Supermarket, located at 4043 North Blackstone, recounted their run in with Uulopa to North West District Officers in the early morning of September 20th. Joseph was in the frozen food section collecting shrimp and meat products before skipping the checkout line and heading to his car.

He placed his groceries in his car and brandished a handgun which he used to threaten employees who had followed him to his vehicle. Uulopa drove off and the police was called.

Officers were able to obtain an address after further investigating the information of Uulopa’s vehicle and description provided by surveillance footage. Officers confirmed Uulopa’s identity after observing him in the yard of his home. He was arrested and charged.

Further evidence of Uulopa’s involvement in the robberies was collected after a search warrant was issued for his vehicle in which Savemart and Smart and Final products reported stolen during the robbery were retrieved.

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