Duo arrested after Sonoma Wells Fargo robbery

Duo arrested after Sonoma Wells Fargo robbery

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SONOMA // On September 9th at around 2 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies were alerted to a bank robbery at Wells Fargo on W. Napa and 5th West.

As it so happened, deputies were already familiar with the two potential suspects due to a Napa PD investigation, during which fliers were posted detailing that the two suspects — 34-year-old Catrina Hockney of Napa and 45-year-old Miguel Maravilla of Vallejo — were suspects of interest in multiple other attempted robberies.

A description of their vehicle had also been given: a 2007 tan Chevrolet pickup.

Deputies responding to the bank robbery call saw the Chevy pulling away from the Wells Fargo and conducted a stop at W. Napa and 3rd West.

Hockney was found lying in the back seat attempting to change her clothes. A large amount of cash was later found on her person.

The tellers at Wells Fargo told deputies that a woman had come into the bank and walked up to the counter carrying a lunchbox. She placed the box on the counter, then produced a note informing the teller of her intent to rob the bank and demanding cash in large bills.

After the teller complied, the suspect fled.

Hockney and Maravilla were both arrested and booked at the Sonoma County Jail. Their bail rests at $500,000.

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