Arrested While in Jail for Carjacking & Robbery

Arrested While in Jail for Carjacking & Robbery

Marlene Sanchez

VENTURA COUNTY — There are those people for whom the concept of private property apparently remains elusive. According to the Oxnard Police Department’s watch commander report, 20-year-old Oxnard resident Marlene Sanchez may be one of those.

On July 26th, while cooling her heels in Ventura County Jail on “charges related to a stolen vehicle,” Sanchez was contacted by Oxnard Police detectives attached to the OPD Violent Crimes Unit and questioned about events occurring at approximately 2:00 p.m. on July 11, 2017 on the 600 block of West Heuneme Road in the City of Oxnard.

It was at that time that Oxnard Police Dispatch received a report of “a robbery and carjacking” that took place wherein a male and female suspect confronted a driver with demands to exit his vehicle so that they might drive it away.

Punctuating their suggestion, the victim was shown a knife. Perhaps unimpressed with the heft of the blade, however, the victim initially “refused” to surrender his vehicle, whereupon the victim felt the point of the suspects’ demands with the knife pressed against his belly.

At this point, the female perpetrator reportedly “removed the victim’s wallet from his pant pocket,” further threatening the driver with grave physical harm should he continue to resist their demands. The point clearly made, the victim alighted from his car and the suspects made their getaway in the vehicle.

Two weeks of investigation ensued, detectives ultimately identifying Sanchez as the female suspect in the July 11th incident. While still in custody, she was additionally charged with armed robbery and carjacking relating to the events of July 11th, and remains at Ventura County Jail pending multiple arraignments.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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