Long Prison Sentence Awaits Gun-Firing Burglar

Long Prison Sentence Awaits Gun-Firing Burglar

GLENDORA – In 2015, just two days after Christmas, a man called in to the LAPD in Glendora to report a shooting.   The caller said that an unknown motorist had fired a gun at him.

The investigation led authorities to 24-year-old Clayton Ruben Addleman, and two days later they arrested him.

A search of the suspect’s car produced ammunition, and checks and id cards that were not his.

In addition, Addleman was allegedly involved in a residential robbery on December 29, 2015, the day he was arrested.  In that incident he broke into an occupied home in San Marino and unsuccessfully attempted to steal their car.

A jury trial resulted in guilty convictions of thirteen counts that included 3 counts of burglary, as well as attempted murder, residential robbery, grand theft of an automobile, identity theft, forgery, assault with a firearm and petty theft.

Addleman, now 26, is scheduled to be sentenced on August 3.  He faces a possible maximum sentence of 52 years to life in prison.


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