$32 Million Workers’ Comp Scheme

$32 Million Workers’ Comp Scheme

SAN FRANCISCO – 55-year-old Lafayette resident Gina Marie Gregori was arrested for underreproting payroll and pilfering $32 million from insurers.  She had 19 felony counts leveled against her.

The alleged crime has been going on for over seven years.  Gregori is the owner of three businesses – GMG Janitorial, GMG Billings and Apex Janitorial Solutions.

Gregori apparently was keeping two sets of books – one for payroll processing and a fraudulent one for her insurers and insurance auditors.  The investigation revealed that these second set of records showed a lower amount of payroll.

The CDI notes that GMG employed over two hundred people from 2009 through 2016.

Gregori is being held on a $5,235,000 bail at the SF County Jail.

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