Shooter in Murder-for-Hire Sentenced

Shooter in Murder-for-Hire Sentenced

Morrad Ghonim

LOS ANGELES — A fatal shooting occurred in 1992, and the man who committed it has finally been sentenced to 28 years to life in state prison.

Leon Martinez of Yucaipa heard the terms of his imprisonment on Monday.

In 1992, 17-year-old Vicki Ghonim was shot and killed in what was later determined to be a staged robbery. Her husband and infant son were with her in their vehicle in Creek Park when someone came up to them, attempted to rob them and shot her.

For many years, the case stayed cold.  Then, in 2009, a DNA hit linked Martinez to the killing and he was arrested.  Investigation revealed that it was a murder-for-hire killing sponsored by Ghonim’s husband, the man who was in the car with her.

44-year-old Morrad Ghonim, who was 19 at the time, paid Martinez $500 to carry out the crime and was convicted of first degree murder.  In 2015, Ghonim was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In addition, Martinez’ wife Evangelina Martinez was charged with dissuading a witness — her husband’s ex-girlfriend. Years ago, Martinez had told the ex-girlfriend about the plot. Her testimony helped to convict him.

Mrs. Martinez was sentenced to three years of probation after an open plea.  The LACDA’s office notes, “In an open plea, the defendant pleads to the court without negotiating a settlement with the District Attorney’s Office.”


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