Poor Parking Leads to Firearms Arrests

Poor Parking Leads to Firearms Arrests

Seized weapons and ammunition (FPD)

FRESNO – Early this morning, Fresno Police noticed a white Dodge Intrepid as it pulled onto the lawn of a house and blocked the sidewalk of the residence.

When the officer approached the vehicle he recognized the passenger as 26-year-old Robert Yates, a known gang member.  The driver was 28-year-old Desmond Okonkwo, also a gang member and on probation.

The probation stipulation allowed for a search of the persons and their vehicle, producing a loaded starter pistol modified to shoot .380 rounds and a loaded Cobra .380 with its ammunition hidden in a pack of cigarillos.

Although Okonkwo was only arrested for probation violation and a vehicle code misdemeanor, Yates was booked for several felony crimes based on possession of the firearms.



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