Women Wanted For Scamming Money at 7-Eleven

Women Wanted For Scamming Money at 7-Eleven

On December 14th around 1 p.m., two women walked into a 7-Eleven on the 1500 block of East Vista Way. The women came up to the cashier and bought four $500 money orders, making the entire order worth $2,000.

There was a surveillance video behind the cashier and in the video, one of the women sets the $2000 on the counter. While the cashier is processing the transaction, the woman swiftly takes $1,000 off of the counter. The cashier did not realize the money was being taken and never recounted the cash. The two women got away with $2,000 worth of money orders for $1,000 in cash.

After the cashier realized that she was scammed, and tried to track the money orders down three hours later. Turns out, the money orders had already been sold.

Based on the video, detective Andy Julian believes that the two women have committed the same crime before and thinks that more stores were scammed.

The suspect that took the money is described as a 45-year-old female, 5’1″, weighing at about 190 pounds, and was wearing a black sweater, a black and grey blouse, and a black skirt. She also put the money in her tan and black purse.

The other suspect standing by is described as a female with red hair, pulled back in a ponytail. She is about 5’2″ and weighs about 120 pounds. She was wearing a red and black flannel, light blue jeans, and black and white converse.

Julian believes that they sold the money orders to people that did not know they were stolen.

Anyone with any additional information, or has leads to the suspects is encouraged to call the Vista Sheriff’s Station at (760) 940-4551 or the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477.

There is up to a $1,000 award for anyone that is able to identify the suspects, or at least provide critical information.

 Surveillance video:

Money Order Scam

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